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Welcome! Choosing a therapist can be an overwhelming experience.  Within, you will find enough information to get an idea of how I work as a therapist and the types of problems I usually help people with.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

I work collaboratively with individuals to find solutions to problems that lead to unhappiness in their day to day lives. We are all capable of having relationships that are satisfying and bring us joy. I help people create change when they are feeling stuck, whether that is in their relationships with others or problems they experience within themselves. I help people with concerns related to substance use/abuse, including teens, parents, couples, and individuals. I also provide EMDR treatment for people who have experienced traumatic events over the course of their lives.

Please note, as of April 1st 2017, I am not accepting new clients. I do not expect to be accepting new clients until late summer or fall of 2017.